Post-production or post-processing, basically means the same thing and refers to everything that happens after you have finished your photoshoot.

All post-production work, book-designing and retouching are done in-house at White Room Studio, with all printing vendors in partnership with the studio based locally as well. This way, their clients are guaranteed fast and efficient follow-up to any post-production requests or queries; as well as top-quality prints and productions for every single shoot.

As a result, the studio’s photographers are not only talented professionals who can capture perfect moments with the camera, but are also extremely busy bees behind the scenes; putting in hours of post-processing work to make sure your pictures are presented in the best possible way.

Some say that the photoshoot represents only a quarter of the journey to achieving that perfect portraiture for you and they are not wrong. A lot of work and man-hours are put in after the shoot to process the shots – from preparation all the way to the collection of the finished product.

Ever wondered what goes behind the scenes during post-processing? Here is the step-by-step workflow employed by the studio (with some festive annotations) to ensure pictures of the the highest quality are achieved at the end.

Step 1: Reviewing of shots

After the shoot, the photographer goes through every single shot taken during the session, vetting out repeated pictures, shots having people with their eyes closed, some inevitable motion blurs and finding the ones which portray the best expressions.

This vetting stage reduces the number of shots, but also leaves behind the best ones which capture the most perfect of moments and tell a great story.

Step 2: Post-shoot processing

This is the first stage of image-manipulation that the studio employs to prepare the selected pictures for the client’s viewing. These are some minor changes but can give a lot of aesthetic boost in your images. Basic corrections are done to the images, and they include exposure, contrast, saturation, sharpness, color temperature, highlights and shadows.

Adjustment of output and effects to portray the mood of the picture – ie: using black and white for pensive; or candid, bright colors for cheery. (Swipe left for before photo!)

This stage typically takes the photographer anytime between 4 hours to a full day – depending on the quality of shots and number of pictures.

Step 3: The viewing session

Within a week or so after the shoot, the client will be invited to the studio for a viewing session within their comfortable viewing gallery, Third Room.

In this typically hour-long session. the photographers will facilitate the process of choosing the best photographs – lending their expert eyes in seeking heart-warming sequences. The clients are offered advice and options for displaying their chosen images – whether it is a beautiful hand finished canvas print, a selection from their wide range of other stunning wall art, a photo book or amazing photographic prints.

Step 4: Retouching stage

This stage happens after the clients have confirmed their selected pictures

It is now time for the photographer to do the heavy lifting. Great care and a keen eye for detail is crucial here as the photographers go through every single image and craft them to the client’s satisfaction.

Even while today’s phone apps can do quite a bit in this respect, nothing beats the painstaking work done with professional photoshop retouching in scrutinizing and correcting myriad image defects.

The photographer employs many tools during retouching, taking into account of the symmetry & shapes and lines within the image. Blemishes and stray hairs are removed, and with various retouching techniques like frequency separation, clone stamping, dodge & burn, color toning & contrasting; the pictures are digitally edited to generally make everyone look better. Most professionals will also add in personal or “signature” retouches to the final image to make them more warm and authentic.

The end result, if done well, is usually spectacular to behold.

Step 5: End products have arrived

It has not ended for the photographers, even after retouching has been done sent for printing. When the end products arrive, the photographers conduct an extensive quality assessment on the product to ensure the signature quality standard of the studio is upheld.

Regardless of whether the order consists of prints, canvas, acrylic blocks or photo albums, the studio’s digital professionals scrutinize each item to ensure printed colors are correct, and the products themselves are in good condition, and free from scratches, chipped corners or any other imperfection.

Featured here is one of our popular photographic display – Acrylic Block

Unlike most photography studios, the professionals at White Room Studio hold to specific levels of signature standards for their carefully curated and retouched pictures. As such, the studio invests a considerable amount of man-hours to ensure each and every print or display collected by clients is as flawless as possible.

So if you are keen to own that perfect moment in vivid color on print, canvas, acrylic block or other specialized displays, email White Room Studio to find out more!

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