Diversity is an important word that is used in many situations and in many ways. Its exquisite beauty is best captured by the camera lens of a professional photographer, because photography is that common medium where strong and positive messages of diversity can form beautiful representations of our identity.

In this blog, we take a stroll down memory lane and showcase some wonderful people from different walks of life who have graced our studio for a shoot. Their iconic pictures, taken in a bespoke studio with tall windows and bright sunlight; not only inspire, but also showcase that amazing uniqueness within all of us that was shaped by the influences on our paths.

Sasi: Bodybuilder

The philosophy behind bodybuilding is one that tells people to never quit. It has transcended from being a sport to be a way of life for people who believe in themselves. Remember: The road to nowhere is paved with excuses.

And who better to appreciate such philosophy than an exponent of tranquil spirituality? AhChok Tulku Rinpoche is a respected Tibetan Buddhist monk known for his teachings and artistry. He has acted as a spiritual guide for many students worldwide.

Deshayes: Chef

Meanwhile, in the world of culinary expertise, the science of preparation, cooking and presentation has ascended into the realm of artistry. Every day, chefs inspire many people with their creations and this passion translates into dramatic pictures when the moment is perfectly captured.

Angie: Framer

Perfection in the framing of pictures is something close to our hearts, and this is also an art form in itself. It transforms mere pictures into long-lasting mementos which can adorn any wall, instantly meta-morphing a house into a home.

Yoga is the journey of the self, the body, the mind – and it is all about being good to oneself. It is about practice, control and essentially; a celebration of life.

Randall: Dancer

Akin to that, the artistry of dance is beyond just a purposefully selected sequence of movements. It has aesthetics and symbolism, and is practiced as a cultural means of self-expression by millions worldwide. Randall went through some of his best routines in the studio, allowing the photographer to capture some breathtaking shots.


And finally, there is no better means of self-expression than playing a musical instrument. Playing music is not only known to benefit one’s health and cognitive skills, but also enables the player to communicate with, and inspire others in his or her own unique way. Some really good ones even move on to make a decent pile of money! The marvelous and passionate musicians who grace our studios are as varied as they are special, each of them exhibiting a certain level of self-confidence in their pictures.

Each of these accomplished musicians has only 3 words of advice for any novice: Practice, Practice and Practice.

Elise: Violinist

Other than that, the joy of playing music cannot be properly described in words; so the only way to fully understand it is to let their music speak for themselves!

Stanley Samuel – Saxophonist.

We hope you have enjoyed this feature and wish that these positive examples have inspired some emotional response in our readers. If you feel that this is a good time to showcase your unique talent, profession or way of life; we happen to have an amazing studio, in an amazing location, staffed with amazing photographers right here!

Why not give us a call to have a chat?

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